This informative blog will be about myth busting for BioMats.

The first myth is the BioMat is too hot for usage in the summer.

  • This is not really true! Many of our customers love the mat in the summer as much as they do in the winter. However, they may turn down the temperature a couple settings. Even with reduced heat, you still get the Richway BioMat’s healing benefits. And of course, if it’s a really hot, sultry day, you can use bio-mats on the negative ions setting alone. This allows you to get specific benefits of energizing and rejuvenating, and an overall “clearing the air” in your home or office environment.
  • Because the summer brings outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, hiking, etc., many people value their health and weight management in the summer as much or maybe even more than other seasons. And for sure, health is a priority year-round! Unfortunately, just because it is summer time, we can still have either health challenges or diagnoses of numerous, different illnesses and health problems. Therefore, the BioMat can be extremely useful in the summer.
  • Another excellent choice for the summer season is the Amethyst Cushion. It has many of the same healing benefits of the BioMat less the far infrared heat. An 18″ x 18” square, it is portable and convenient. Because of its design, it is comfortable to sit on. A beautiful purple cover accents any home or office décor.

So, you can see, these are some of the reasons to still use (or purchase a BioMat if you don’t already have one) in the summer.

One of our “jobs” as a Richway BioMat distributor is to make sure we give as accurate information as possible. That certainly includes busting common myths about this wonderful product! Be sure to connect with us if you would like to learn more and get additional education about the BioMat. Also, watch for next week’s blog for another myth and our “busting” it!