For all distributors – marketing the BioMat! Do you love marketing? We are aware that not all people love marketing, but honestly, marketing and selling bio-mats is easy and perhaps one of our most loved experiences. When we receive an e-mail or call saying “I’m ready to order a Richway BioMat!”, we are delighted because we know our customer(s) will soon be ecstatic! We also realize it is likely helping the customer with either a current health challenge or using it as a preventative health care measure. Again, we are happy to help and you can see we are not doing traditional “marketing” but rather servicing people who are interested in the amazing bio-mat line of products.

When doing typical marketing, one of the first things most people ask is, “Who is your target audience?” While we understand this question and it can be useful, we have learned from our 10+ years of experience that healing practitioners (massage therapists, Healing Touch/Reiki, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.) and health care professionals (nurses, doctors, physical/occupational therapists, etc.) are very interested in the BioMat, especially if they are open and accepting of integrative therapies. Further, people who have health challenges are also usually very interested in bio-mats. So, you can see the “target audience” question about the BioMat isn’t very relevant.

If you are just beginning to market the BioMat, one thing we suggest is make a list of ALL your family and friends who would be interested in trying the BioMat. They are your potential purchasers. Be sure to give yourself time and latitude to learn and become articulate about the product. (We know it is a lot to learn in a short amount of time!)

Wanting/needing the healing benefits, the BioMat can be many people’s new best friend! Again from our years of being a distributor, we know you will enjoy many years of BioMat usage – once you have it in your home and/or in your healing practice/health care facility. If you have marketing questions about the BioMat, let us know – or 952-829-1919.