This post includes the latest information on the BioMat’s warranty. While repairs are rare, some bio-mats are 15+ years old now. From our 10+ years of experience as a BioMat distributor, we have seen two issues:

  • Control boxes – these get dropped, pushed off night stands, stepped on, etc.
  • Leaking crystals – after years of use, sometimes the amethyst and/or tourmaline crystals leak out of the seams of the urethane window that allows you to see the gemstones.

Richway International (the BioMat’s parent company) updated its warranty when CoVid “hit.” This current Richway Care Program Policy is effective as of August 26, 2020 and is designed to be convenient for Richway BioMat distributors and customers for certain products that are eligible.

When Richway International updated this policy, they created it so you longer have to ship your BioMat to Hawaii for repairs (in many situations), giving you the best possible service in the most cost-effective manner.

The products that are covered under this Care Program are:

  • BioMat 3000MX (Mini, Professional, Single, Queen and King) – these mats will be replaced with a BioMat 7000MX, which is an upgrade. (Controller, cotton pad and carrying case not included)
  • BioMat 7000MX (Mini, Professional, Single, Queen and King)
  • BioAcoustic Mat (Professional and Single)
  • Orgone BioMat (Queen and King)
  • BioBelt
  • Alkal-Life Water System 7000sL

You are eligible to receive a replacement product at a discounted rate if you purchased one of the above-mentioned eligible products. This includes both damaged products and/or technical issues with your product. There are two stipulations:

  • Replacement BioMats will only have the mat replaced (the BioMat controllers are not included in the replacement).
  • All Mini BioMats are replaced with 7000 MX domed models.

We have more to share about this important topic, so watch our blog post next week to learn more. If, in the meantime, you want to talk further about the Richway BioMat warranty, contact us at 952-829-1919.