This blog post will discuss the BioMat and a pandemic. Who would have ever thought in our lifetime we would have to navigate through a pandemic?! How has your government reacted, responded and managed the situation? (It sure seems that there is a wide variation of how governments around the world managed CoVid.) How have you and your fellow country people navigated this challenging time of newness?

More specifically, are you wearing a mask or rejecting that? Are you for the vaccine or not? And if so, which one and why? We are aware that if you line up 10 people and ask them about the coronavirus, you will get 10 different responses – some of which are quite emotionally charged! On this blog, we do not get political (not our job here!) and we would rather stay neutral in observer mode. That said, we do feel strongly that it is important for each and every individual to discern and decide what is best for you, your family and your unique situation/circumstance. Perhaps there is no one right or wrong answer – not one “be all answer” for everyone. Again, what we do say is make sure you are clear of any “programmed” beliefs or actions. (A programmed example for children:  just because Johnnie jumps off the cliff, does not mean you jump off the cliff!!) “Programming” can come from parents, religion, teachers, governments, industries (for example, pharmaceutical), groups (for example, holistic practitioners/nurses), scientists, etc. Bottomline – discern and pay attention to what feels right and best for yourself!

How can the Richway BioMat be helpful? It is a healing tool and we invite you to use it when you meditate and reflect, discerning what is appropriate for you and your life. The BioMat can help you relax your mind and release any emotions that might be blocking you from clarity. Bio-mats are a far more powerful healing tool than we can even imagine! If you’d like to discuss further, call us at 952-829-1919.