This blog post will be something fun and different today – the BioMat and the creative process. Does the BioMat improve or boost our creativity? We say a resounding YES! But how? There are several reasons – all having to do with the BioMat’s elements and how you use the BioMat. In this blog entry, we will focus on the elements of bio-mats:

  • Far infrared heat – the BioMat’s far infrared heat opens up the body’s circulation, including blood flow and oxygenation. When blood flows without hindrance to our brains, we think more clearly. Also, we need to make sure we are giving our brains ample oxygen for best thinking. (It is a common, natural response to hold our breath when we are scared or nervous. This is exactly the antithesis of what our brain needs!) Using a Richway BioMat can help support our brains, which is directly related to our creativity. Brain health equals being in the creative flow!
  • Amethyst – this stone or crystal of ancient lore, luster and love is used for very powerful meditations. Obviously, some of our best creativity evolves out of a meditative practice. The amethyst in the professional-size BioMat, the Mini BioMat, and the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow is worth considering if you want to “ramp up” your creativity.
  • Tourmaline – this crystal/stone has unique properties of helping us feel mentally clear and focused (helpful to the creative process). The clearer the ideas “come through” or “are downloaded,” the more likely we will enjoy the creative journey, and the more we trust our intuition and the creative process. Further, we can discern what needs our attention and where to put our focus and attention.

We recognize we have more to say about the BioMat and creative expression! Watch for more writings in the coming weeks. Let us know what has happened with your creativity since you have been using the BioMat OR if you don’t have a BioMat yet and are ready to boost your creativity vis-à-vis the mat, let’s connect! 952-829-1919