BioMat for Stocking Stuffer Gifts?

Some levity – do you consider the BioMat for stocking stuffer gifts?!! This picture makes us laugh! [...]

BioMat for Stocking Stuffer Gifts?2022-12-05T17:09:24+00:00

BioMat 101

When you are a new BioMat user, you really need BioMat 101, don’t you?! The BioMat is [...]

BioMat 1012022-06-01T06:02:35+00:00

Is the BioMat a Stocking Stuffer Gift?!

Here’s a humorous question - is the BioMat a stocking stuffer gift?! Obviously, because of the size [...]

Is the BioMat a Stocking Stuffer Gift?!2021-12-13T15:49:51+00:00

Reducing Holiday Stress with the BioMat

We love to give you ideas about reducing holiday stress with the BioMat. We don’t need to [...]

Reducing Holiday Stress with the BioMat2021-06-04T20:12:20+00:00

The BioMat’s FDA Approval

Did you know about the BioMat’s FDA approval? The Richway BioMat (professional-size) is Food and Drug Administration [...]

The BioMat’s FDA Approval2021-06-04T20:22:48+00:00

More Information on BioMat Benefits

Last week, we began this discussion and we are continuing by giving you more information on BioMat [...]

More Information on BioMat Benefits2021-06-04T20:28:53+00:00

Continued Health Benefits of the BioMat

We are realizing we have more to say about the continued health benefits of the BioMat! Perhaps [...]

Continued Health Benefits of the BioMat2018-07-23T16:23:21+00:00
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