This blog post is about chakras and the BioMat.

First of all, if you aren’t familiar with the word “chakras,” these are the energy centers of the body. While there is discussion within the healing community on the number of chakras, we will share about seven chakras:

  • Root – located at the base of the spine
  • Sacral – located under the belly button
  • Solar plexus – located in the diaphragm area
  • Heart center
  • Throat
  • 3rd eye – located in the center of the forehead
  • Crown – located at the top of the head

So how can the BioMat help with each of the chakras?

  • Begin by warming up your professional-size BioMat to your desired temperature.
  • As you lay down, take a breath through your nose and release your breath through your mouth. This helps you to energetically connect into your heart space.
  • Once you begin relaxing, focus your attention at the base of your spine. You may wish to say either aloud or to yourself, “I am grounded” as you feel connected to the Richway BioMat under you.
  • Next, focus an inch below your navel (sacral) and state, “I am whole and balanced.”
  • Bring your attention to your solar plexus and say, “I am taking inspired action.”
  • Next place your hands on your heart and state, “I am love” as you feel your chest area expand and radiate love.
  • Focus on your throat as you state, “I share honest communication.”
  • As you focus and locate your third eye, the statement is “I connect with my intuition and I am wise.”
  • Finally, focus on your crown of your head and say, “I am Divine Love,” feeling the magnificence of this!

Notice how you are feeling. In summary, the above meditation was about balancing the chakras using the bio-mat. If you enjoyed this experience, know that you can re-create it again and again!