When you received your BioMat, did you receive information about maintenance of your BioMat?

We offer several ideas and tips to help keep your bio-mat working in optimal performance, as well as looking good for years to come:

  • We suggest using a vacuum cleaner attachment called an upholstery brush in between the crystal channels of the BioMat. This will help clear and clean your mat. You will also vacuum any lint helping keep the BioMat’s surface clean.
  • Use a slightly moist cloth to wipe the brown fabric. (Avoid damaging all electrical components by not using much water on the BioMat.)
  • The crystals (both amethyst and tourmaline) get cleared by the far infrared heat and negative ions as both are constantly clearing the mat’s energy. But if you still wish to further clear the crystals, you can do this by:
  1. Removing the cotton cover, turning on the control settings to the highest level possible and allow the bio-mat to “bake” on high for two-plus hours. This is convenient and easy.
  2. Placing your BioMat outside under a full moon at night. (This is obviously not as easy as the first suggestion, especially with the professional-size BioMat.)
  • To dust the control box, use a soft, dry cloth.
  • The cotton cover (fitted) that comes with the BioMat is easily machine laundered whenever it needs it.
  • If you use a Quantum Energy Pad (QEP) with your BioMat, you can easily unzip the outer part of the QEP and it is machine launderable.
    • For both the Quantum Energy Pad and the fitted cotton cover, be sure to use chemical-free, unscented laundry detergent. Do not use dryer sheets.

Do you have other suggestions to properly maintain your Richway BioMat? We love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Please reach out directly to us at [email protected].