This post is a continuation from last week’s blog and today, features more information on world peace and bio-mats. Given the current status of the world, we need all the possible tools for peace, calm, harmony, healing and unity, don’t we?! So specifically, how can the BioMat help?

First, it is important to be aware that there is a growing, exciting movement of more and more people understanding that as we experience our own individual inner peace, we sincerely contribute to the world at large, helping bring global peace.

For the readers of this blog who are experienced BioMat users, you know how bio-mats contribute to your own inner peace and radiating that out into the world. (And for potential customers who have been longing for the feeling of inner peace, perhaps now is your time to secure your professional-size BioMat and Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow.)

How specifically does the Richway BioMat help you feel peaceful and contentment? We believe it is the synergy of the three elements that make up the bio-mat:  1) negative ions, 2) amethyst (and tourmaline), and 3) far infrared heat. Granted, it is an unusual combination of elements (who would have ever thought to put them together?!) but as we continue to educate people about the healing benefits of the elements, we know in our heart of hearts that they contribute to helping our customers connect to their peaceful core of inner calm.

  • Negative ions help us feel refreshed and re-energized after we meditate and/or pray on the BioMat.
  • Amethyst is a detox so if you feel anxious or any other negative emotion, amethyst can be helpful to relieve this toxicity and of course, help you move into more peace.
  • Far infrared heat opens up circulation and being an open channel for goodness, light and positivity.

Ready to bring more peace in your life vis-à-vis the BioMat? We can help! Let’s connect at [email protected] or 952-829-1919.