You can protect your BioMat with a Germanium Power Pad. It is an addendum product for bio-mats and it is waterproof, anti-odor, anti-bacteria and helps increase infrared ray power. This product is especially helpful if you have a healing practice (massage therapists, Reiki and/or Healing Touch practitioners, hair stylists, estheticians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.) or are a medical professional (doctor, nurse, occupational/physical/ respiratory therapist, etc.).

You can place the Germanium Power Pad on top of your BioMat or zip your BioMat inside the Germanium Power Pad (although the fit might be quite tight). This keeps it safe for multiple users to use the BioMat. We also suggest you use Young Living’s Thieves wipes to wipe down your Germanium Power Pad between users, especially if you are demonstrating the BioMat at a health expo or using it in your healing practice. The Germanium Power Pad comes in five sizes:  Mini, professional-size, single (fits on a twin-size bed), queen and king. It is lightweight and the geometric design of the Germanium Power Pad is created to help disperse the heat (just like the cotton cover’s same geometric design). Using the Germanium Power Pad with the BioMat, you get a synergistic healing effect. It also comes with a carrying case.

The developer of the Germanium Power Pad is Richway International based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Over the many years we have been a BioMat distributor, we continue to see them research and develop healing products with particular attention to details. We are impressed … and the Germanium Power Pad is no exception! It is quite an improvement over the previous waterproof cover.

The Germanium Power Pad is made of five layers:  1) 100% cotton layer, 2) waterproof silicon layer, 3) first germanium layer, 4) anti-bacterial and anti-odor layer, and 5) second germanium layer.

If you are interested in more info about the Germanium Power Pad or any other BioMat products, please feel free to contact us at 952-829-1919. We are happy to assist you!