One more blog post to give you additional Germanium Power Pad info. The BioMat produces far infrared heat and these rays are composed of radiant and wave energy. It is optimal to have high radiant and wave energy; if radiant is high and wave energy is low, the heat generation will be high but weak penetration into the body. Bio-mats use natural gemstones (amethyst and tourmaline) and ceramics, not processed crystals and ceramics to avoid low wave energy output.

So, how does this relate to the Germanium Power Pad? When the BioMat’s far infrared heat is applied to the Germanium Power Pad, a large amount of radiant heat and far infrared rays are emitted. Germanium’s wave energy is more than 0.4 microns; its wavelength is 2,000-3,000 times per minute. Further, germanium’s far infrared rays with large wave energy penetrates deep into the human body and increases the body’s circulation.

When far infrared heat from the BioMat is applied to germanium, large amounts of germanium emissions and wave lengths are dispersed. The benefit of this occurring is germanium ion particles penetrate into the body to perform various functions such as it penetrates sub-cutaneous tissue and capillaries, activates the electrons in the blood, cleanses the blood, and helps to make the body (blood) more alkaline. Symptoms such as muscle cramps, fatigue and pain (plus other health challenges) are relieved and it increases natural healing power by releasing toxic substances. In addition, germanium  improves blood circulation by removing lipid peroxide and harmful/polluted oxygen that damages blood vessel walls. It also prevents blood vessels from clogging and/or stiffening.

Have you enjoyed learning about the Germanium Power Pad? We have enjoyed sharing more about this “sometimes forgotten” healing addendum to the Richway BioMat. Contact us at 952-829-1919 to learn more or to order today!