This blog will focus on the simple topic of breathing and the BioMat. We take our breathing for granted, don’t we? How many times a day do you stop and focus or really pay attention to your breath? Unless you are doing yoga and your yoga teacher calls your attention to your breath or if you are doing cardio-exercise where you are huffing and puffing, you may not notice your breath at all.

We are gently reminding you that when you use bio-mats, it is a wonderful thing to focus on your breath. There are several different types of breathing and one of our favorite effective breathing techniques is simple and effective:

  • Breathe in through your nose with five slow counts.
  • Hold for five slow counts.
  • As you exhale, breathe through your mouth on five slow counts and envision the exhale dropping into your heart and filling your whole body with love and gratitude.
  • Continue to do the above three bullet points for at least five repetitions (more, if possible).

How do you feel? Perhaps you feel calmer and filled with love, gratitude and compassion for yourself and others. This is a lovely gratitude meditation, especially on the Richway BioMat.

Another breathing technique that is especially helpful to ground is breathe out a longer exhalation and breathe in a shorter inhalation. As you exhale, you can also picture tree roots growing from the bottoms of your feet. This helps you connect with the crystalline core of the Earth which can be very grounding.

And if you get too warm on the BioMat and need to cool down slightly, a breathing technique that you can try is inhale through your nose and exhale through a round tongue (curl your tongue into an “O” and blow through it).

Next week, watch for more breathing exercises while using the BioMat … we have more to say!