Frequently we get asked to make a professional-size BioMat and Mini BioMat comparison. And perhaps you have already read our “warning” on the Mini BioMat page:

Please carefully assess your health goals to determine if you require the whole-body therapy of the professional-size BioMat vs. the spot treatment of the Mini BioMat.

We post this statement because we have had several customers purchase the Mini and wish they had purchased a professional-size BioMat (or even larger). Hopefully, this blog post will help clear up any confusion and bring clarity to any future purchase(s).

Both the Mini and professional-size BioMats use the same technology:

  • Far infrared heat
  • Crystals (amethyst and tourmaline)
  • Negative ions.

But the Mini is not just a half-size BioMat. While the Mini may be about half the professional-size length, the Mini is narrower than the professional-size. Further, the Mini utilizes different crystal configurations (tourmaline and amethyst) and the crystal poundage of the two mats are also different (18 pounds of amethyst in the professional-size BioMat vs. 5 ¼+ pounds of both amethyst and tourmaline in the Mini).

A high-temperature thermotherapy session is not really possible on the Mini bio-mat because the heat application only covers half the body (for example: top of the shoulders to mid-thighs OR waist to ankles, depending on how tall you are). The professional-size BioMat is ideal for high-temp thermotherapy sessions because the whole body experiences the infrared heat.

(Please note:  this high-temp session may not feel very comfortable but perhaps you are doing this unique healing modality with a very specific goal/purpose in mind. You need to be very careful and not over-do these high-temp sessions; the recommended time is not more than 60 minutes at the highest settings of 158 degrees. Please consult your doctor and/or the Richway International Use and Care manual/support materials.)

Our sincere objective is to help you achieve maximum health results in the shortest amount of time in the most comfortable fashion possible. As always, we are happy to talk to you further comparing these two products.