On this day of least light (in the northern hemisphere), we wish you a happy winter solstice and holidays from BioMatInc.com!

Every day is a great day to own and use the BioMat, but especially on the winter solstice and the approaching holidays of Christmas and New Years! While the day with the least time of light, sunshine and warmth can be depressing to many people, we “counteract” this by lighting our Christmas trees, burning votives and candles, and adding lights to the interiors and exteriors of our homes. The Richway BioMat does not include light therapy, but using it may “boost your vibration,” which may directly or indirectly increase your personal light-body. Bio-mats can be exceptionally nurturing, comforting and soothing in four areas of your well-being (emotional, physical, spiritual and mental) at this time of year (and year-round!).

And as we move into the Christmas and New Year celebrations, may this be a time to pause from the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations during the month of December. When you make using the BioMat a “ritual,” in other words, setting aside time in your schedule each day to use it, this can certainly help your overall health and well-being. Pause, take a breath, reflect, meditate … may this move you into the true meaning and spirit of the holidays … bringing you to a sense of peace, calm, love, appreciation, joy.

From BioMatInc.com, may your holidays be blessed as you bring in the wonder and magic of this special time. We are also hoping you have time and space to just be – and what better way than to lay on the professional-size BioMat. (If you need to order yours, even if it will arrive after Christmas, we can help at 952-829-1919.)

May you cherish the changing energies of the Winter Solstice and Happy Holidays!!