This blog post is intended to alleviate any confusion about the original BioMat manufacturer is Richway International. Yes, Richway International is THE original manufacturer of bio-mats. is not a BioMat manufacturer, but rather an authorized distributor of all Richway International products. We understand this is sometimes confusing with our website name and we are hoping this post clears up any confusion and/or misunderstandings.

We are proud to represent the original BioMat manufacturing by Richway International. Absolutely no fake or knock-off BioMats for us … ever!! We have almost 11 years experience as an original BioMat distributor and we pride ourselves giving excellent customer service and extensive, thorough training to our team of distributors. Many of our BioMat customers become our friends … we love to teach about the mat and in this communication, we get to know each other. It is such a fun additional benefit of the BioMat!!

To continue creating more clarity of responsibilities/differences between and Richway International, here’s a list of things Richway International handles:  all product shipments out of the continental U.S.-based warehouse(s), information and processing of product repairs and any necessary refunds. Further, Richway International handles the following for distributors (not for customers):  paying all compensation (commission and bonuses), issuing product certificates, providing product support, facilitating product returns and repairs, and setting up a free Richway International back office (for the first six months, then $120 for six months or $150 for a year subscription).

So, what are’s responsibilities? We track all shipments to assure safe and convenient arrival to your doorstep. We provide beginning BioMat usage instructions including warranty information for all our customers. And for our distributor team, we provide binary placement (if you wish), Independent Sales Associate (ISA) training and on-going support, and a free link to a replicated website.

Interested to learn more? Connect with us at 952-829-1919. We love to hear from you!