This blog entry is about comparing the BioMat to PEMF mats. Our hope is this information will clear up any confusion about the two products.

Regarding construction, the PEMF product uses an electro-magnetic frequency coil. This is different than the trademarked BioMat’s infrared heating system of far infrared heat, amethyst crystals and negative ions. The heat with the PEMF is not the same kind of healing warmth as bio-mats. While using the PEMF product feels similar to the BioMat, the far infrared heat of the BioMat is superior as core-level heat and has specific healing benefits that PEMF mats do not.

Because PEMF mats aren’t FDA approved, they can make claims about healing broken bones, tumors, etc. and Richway International are not allowed to make any of these claims with the BioMat. This allows Richway International to keep its FDA certification in outstanding status.

The design of the professional-size BioMat is intentionally all amethyst for specific detoxing. This helps reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. In contrast, the crystals or stone “chips” in PEMF products do not seem to be as purposeful and are possibly an add-on to compete directly with the BioMat. The detox capability of the BioMat’s amethyst is a very healing property and continues to make it a special product!

The BioMat controller is NASA developed with options of using it in either Fahrenheit and Celsius, whichever you prefer. The controllers of PEMFs are only available in Celsius, usually include a flimsy dial that is not very good quality and is hard to use.

Finally, the biggest difference and perhaps the most important one is the BioMat is constructed of all-natural materials, while the PEMF product uses polyester in its outer covering. (Polyester is made from chemicals and heating it creates off-gassing which is definitely not healthy.)

If you are ready to purchase a BioMat, let’s connect at 952-829-1919. You will be happy with your selection after comparing the BioMat to PEMF mats.