This blog post addresses why select a Richway BioMat versus a fake or knock-off BioMat.

Without any doubt, we are a bit biased and think, “Why of course you should select Richway bio-mats!” And here’s just a few of the reasons why. Richway International is THE industry leader with this unique triad of technology (far infrared heat, amethyst crystals and negative ions). They have more than 20 years of experience with this product – manufacturing, research and distribution.

Further, you get what you pay for! You know you are getting the highest possible quality with a Richway BioMat:

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510K medical device license and other manufacturing certifications (see also the last two blog posts for more detailed information of FDA and beyond licenses and certificates)
  • Three-year warranty (longest of all competitors and two extra years by comparison of knock-offs/fake BioMats)
  • 30-year repair schedule
  • Lifetime trade-in option
  • Two times negative ion output (Knock-offs have inferior negative ions output.)
  • Cotton cover with Hideo designs (This is an energetic pattern which incorporates sacred geometry to help distribute the BioMat’s heat evenly.)
  • Firm, sturdy construction (17 high quality layers to be exact!)
  • Highest quality stones for infrared (amethyst) and negative ions (tourmaline)
  • No harsh volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from manufacturing; no off gassing
  • Highest standard electromagnetic frequency (EMF) protection available in the marketplace.

For all of the above reasons, you can see why we say select a Richway BioMat is a smart choice! Our BioMat customers are wise and well informed. They know they may pay a bit more, but the added credibility, certification, professionalism and integrity is worth it because it is a medical device for health, after all. As you want to protect your health, the BioMat is the only logical choice.

As always, if you want to discuss further, give us a call at 952-829-1919.