As CoVid is ebbing and flowing, we live in interesting times and the BioMat can help.

You have likely noticed the precarious times of do I still need a mask? Am I supposed to be social distancing? Am I free to hug my family and friends? etc. And it seems many people are asking what is the pandemic all about, anyway? Parts of it all feel surreal and many questions are being asked whether or not we learned the lessons from this experience. When CoVid first “hit,” it was a tremendous adjustment and now, we are re-adjusting again, aren’t we?! How do you handle change and newness?

Can the BioMat be a healing tool during this time of re-entry in the culture? We are a bit biased(!), but we say a resounding “Yes!” The triad of the Richway BioMat is 1) far infrared heat, 2) amethyst crystals, and 3) negative ions. The synergy of these three elements with both the professional-size BioMat and Mini BioMat helps balance the nervous system. That is why after a BioMat session, you can feel relaxed, peaceful and calm. From the place of positive feelings, you can likely make good choices, as well as better adjustments to the new times.

During this unique time of re-entry, the Amethyst & Tourmaline Pillow can also be very useful. Desiring to move out of the reptilian part of the brain (fight, flight, freeze or fawn), the pillow’s crystals of amethyst and tourmaline help us to calm our minds, move us into a meditative state and connect us to our spiritual nature. This is moving us into the area of the brain of executive function where we make better decisions and adapt to change in a more positive way.

So, this gives you a brief idea of this interesting time and how the BioMat can be helpful during this interesting time in the world! Want to learn more? Let’s connect at 952-829-1919 or