In this blog post, we will be sharing a BioMat “elevator speech” that works for either distributors or those who are totally new to the BioMat.

To define “elevator speech,” it is a short statement that describes the product to generate interest and engage deeper conversation. The BioMat tends to be complicated to describe and not easy to succinctly summarize. (This is because of the three elements:  amethyst, far infrared heat and negative ions, plus the general public’s unfamiliarity of all three’s properties or respective health benefits.)

But we have good news for you! One day we were at a holistic fair (back in the day when those were possible!) and we heard ourselves describe the Richway BioMat in a simple statement/language that perhaps will be helpful if you are either a BioMat distributor or a prospective, new customer:

The Richway BioMat is made up of three elements:

  • Far infrared heat which opens up the body and circulation.
  • Amethyst is a stone with properties of detoxing and this helps release anything that does not serve.
  • Negative ions fill us back up with “good stuff”!

It took about 30 seconds to say! And as soon as we said it, we realized this is our “elevator speech.” Simple, accurate and a conversation starter; it is also educational, teaching potential customers not only about the BioMat’s benefits but also the properties of the three elements. From this statement, the conversation can go many different directions; rather than overwhelm a new customer with details or facts that they aren’t so interested in, we can customize the conversation based on their interests and needs.

If you are a distributor, it is helpful to have a BioMat “elevator speech.” Do you have one and if so, what is it? We love to exchange ideas and thoughts, and learn from each other. Let’s connect!