Do you understand negative ions in the BioMat? If not, you are not alone … this blog post to the rescue!

Negative ions are one of three key components in the BioMat. They are where the magic begins!! Negative ions also make the Richway BioMat excel versus fake bio-mats or mats that are copycatting the original. In the BioMat, negative ions come from all the amethyst and the TOCA layer of powdered tourmaline. The temperature control box also “pumps” negative ions into the mat. So, you see there are three important negative ion sources with each BioMat purchased.

It is important to understand the difference between negative and positive ions. It is actually the opposite of what you think would be true! Positive ions have an electron removed; with negative ions, the extra electron is added back in. While some people will understand this and “groove” on the info, we think it is more important, from a health perspective, to know that positive ions make you feel lethargic and sluggish. They are found in 5G cell phones, computers, microwaves, TVs, cars, pollution, etc. There are many health issues that are cropping up from positive ion rich environments. On the other hand, negative ions are found in nature (forests, waterfalls, oceans, lakes, mountains, etc.) and help us feel rejuvenated and refreshed; negative ions impact us positively.

The benefits of the BioMat’s negative ions include:

  • Natural anti-depressant
  • Accelerates metabolic reactions
  • Helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Combats fatigue and helps you sleep better
  • Enhances mental performance and concentration
  • Prevents symptoms to respiratory related illnesses and gives relief
  • Enhances physical performance.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, the BioMat emits 3,236 negative ions per cubic centimeter. Anything above 2,500 is great so you can see how well the BioMat performs and we weren’t kidding when we said, “This is where the magic begins!” It is also one of the factors that makes the BioMat so beneficial to our health.

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