We hear many people talk about gratitude, so we decided to share a blog post about gratitude and the BioMat – just in time for the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

Through all the upheaval and changes in 2020, the healing community frequently encourages people to “come home” to gratitude. By asking the question “What are you grateful for?” you move into higher vibration than fear. In fact, you connect with the heart and the expansiveness of life. We also can see all our present moment needs are met.

So, where do bio-mats fit in? Any gratitude exercise, practice or meditation gets greatly amplified when laying on professional-size BioMat, accompanied with the Amethyst/Tourmaline Pillow. As you are laying on it, make a list of five or 10 or 50 things you are grateful for … be prepared to feel your own energy expand and elevate and evolve!! This is a wonderful, highly recommended activity and perfect at Thanksgiving time.

For our team of BioMat distributors, we know you are also deeply grateful for your customers and those you serve. We are too! Our distributors and respective customer bases are just the best … our hearts go out to each one of you! Either you have health challenges and use the BioMat for assistance or you use it for your preventive health. We hear again and again that both our distributors and customers are so grateful for the BioMat and many have reported it is their favorite purchase of all times … really!!

Of course, we are a bit impartial, but we think purchasing a BioMat is a perfect Thanksgiving treat for yourself, your family and friends, and those you serve. If you hare longing for a Richway BioMat and now is the right time to purchase, we can be reached by phone at 952-829-1919 or info@BioMatInc.com.